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University Challenge

Thank you to the students and professors at Binghamton University, Manhattan College, and Rutgers University for participating in the 2020 University Challenge.  In 2020, the 7x24 Metro NY Chapter awarded $5,000 to each college, as well as $250 gift cards to each student. The virtual event was attended by more than 150 people across the country. 

For those of you who were not able to join us, you may view the presentations here.

Binghamton University Mechanical Enegineering Department - iRobot Project.

Presented by Zachary Haag, Alex Schreiber-Harris and Amanda Pelkey.

A compelling idea featuring an Autonomous Robot for Monitoring and Control of Data Centers designed for Binghamton University's research Data Center, ES2.

Manhattan College Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department - Cooling Data Centers Project.

Presented by Andrew Benz, Ryan Kushakta, Marvel Palatty and Dulce Ruiz.

A very inventive idea to cool Data Centers using heat pipes in order to directly cool the central processing unit and promote the removal of heat directly away from the CPU.

Rutgers University - MediHealth Tracker Project.

Presented by Holly Smith, Nga Man Cheng, Rameen Masood and Purna Haque.

A highly needed idea for a medical document phone application. The application allows users to take control of their health information by giving them direct access to their personal medical documents

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