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7x24 Metro New York hosts iMasons Sustainability Workshop

Sustainability Strategy Interactive Workshop

Tuesday July 28, 2020

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

We are the Builders of the Digital Age!

Together, we can make Every Click improve the Future!

You can help! Click here to go to The iMasons Sustainability Strategy Google Document (ideal for collaboration.) This is your opportunity to make a difference. We will evolve this Strategy into the Industry Action Plan that will be announced in September 2020.

Check out this short video with Noelle Walsh-Elwell, Corporate VP at Microsoft and Kate Brandt, Google Sustainability Officer explaining what this vision means to them.

The 7x24 Exchange Metro New York Chapter is pleased to announce that we will be teaming up with iMasons to host the iMasons Sustainability Workshop:

Every Click improves the Future

In 2020, iMasons aims to coordinate the global Digital Infrastructure industry to develop a Sustainability Action Plan. Our Vision is that "Every Click improves the Future". A future where Digital Infrastructure contributes to the economy and society without harming the planet.  The 7x24 Exchange, Metro New York Chapter is very excited to be the host of their first Americas Sustainability Strategy Workshop.

iMasons End Users predicted a potential of 39x growth in the next ten years!  Our members have made it clear that this growth has to be sustainable and that our community has to take the lead in finding sustainable solutions to support it. Our objective is to leverage the experience and expertise of the entire global community and align on a unified sustainability vision for our industry. 

Everyone is welcome!    Register here  

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